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Most of the people who use Proxy Browser know that increased internet surveillance is happening every day. Governments, corporations and individuals are boosting their abilities so every webpage you visit is logged for years. Help yourself by obfuscating much of the data that travels over every connection and disguising URLs with encryption. When you own a PC it is imperative that the best antivirus and firewall software is installed. It is our mission to provide top of the range anonymous browsing systems on a reliable platform.

We regularly analyze and update our dedicated server to offer the most consistent proxy experience you will find anywhere. You will be able to login to many of your favourites websites, whether you want to keep in touch via social networks or get a dose of the latest news. We strip out many intrusive scripts automatically, so that your steps across the internet are hidden. Setup the most flexible and advanced anonymity system by typing the site you want to visit into the box beneath.

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